Thursday, January 21, 2010

OMG att wireless is so lame

I hate all these wireless companies.

if we upgrade to the new iPhone
we would have to pay an additional $15 a month for our plans.
because the the newer iPhones are easier to use on the internet they charge us more for usage time.

Oh and get this - They charge you $18 for an upgrade fee - but since we've done our 2 years on this plan they'll wave it for us. a measly $18. which in the first place is a bullshit charge.

FUCK YOU and your $18 dollar fees and
FUCK YOU and your $15 additional dollars a month

They are so fucking lame
They purposely make all the plans so huge in range that you can't take a step down to accommodate our needs.

I said well in that case can I at least keep my other iPhone and use it as an iPod and he says - most probably not. WHAT! FUCK YOU EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE....

Okay rage is slowly going away....

I hate that after all of this I still want the god damn new iPhone.

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