Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

My Birthday has been a lovely day of waking up next to my loving husband, enjoying a cup of delicious Napa Valley Coffee. Taking a short walk to our favorite restaurant and enjoying a lovely Pancake breakfast and checking my facebook plethora of Happy Birthday wishes on my wall.

And yet some how my Parents still manage to suck the life out of it!

We'll not this year you fucking little babies!
You think I give a shit about your petty arguments and all your resentment for each other.
Yeah Right I should go out with each of you separately - It's bad enough when I have to spend a whole evening with you both - now I should spend 2 evenings stewing in your bitterness. I'm NOT YOUR FRIEND - nor am i your therapist or a shoulder to lean on.

I'M YOU'RE FUCKING DAUGHTER - and that means Happy Birthday my child not I would like to celebrate your birthday but here are the reasons why I can't celebrate it with your Father or with your Mother.

I realize this sounds very childish - and not at all like a 31 year old woman - Yes 31!

But damn they piss me off -

Grow up or get out of my life.

As Eddie Izzard would say Jessee Chresse

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