Monday, January 11, 2010

My #1 Reason to start a blog

We'll I guess I just felt left out.
I Mean SHIT everyone has one. So why not me too.
Please - I don't expect anyone to read this -
IF you ARE reading this STOP!
It may burn your eyes and sting your brain.

There will be a lot of Swear Words
- so if you want to send me a bar of soap do it now!

And There is no theme.... it's me, feeling however, at any point in time...
There will be no grammar no spell check and absolutely no giving a shit here.

WELCOME to the end of my first post!


  1. Welcome! Looking forward to your next post. I've got a bar of soap standing by.

  2. Thanks Frank!
    It's good to join the online human the finish line - Not sure what that is - But I'm running running!